Since today was a snow day and Easter is early this year I decided to decorate.

Hooray for Hollywood!!

My nod to the Academy Awards this week end.

The red "velvet" tablecloth is actually a curtain reminiscent of the curtains that hung on either side of the screen. All of the "props" are from various thrift stores. Now I need a bottle of champagne...Cristal anyone?

A Perfect Reflection

My latest thrift store purchase. A round beveled edge mirror. Price? $4.50. Another great deal. I love the reflection of the chandelier and the metal piece on the wall.
My boudoir is coming together!

Happy New Year!!

I tried to draw a clock face on my chalk board platter. In my opinion the two hardest images to draw, a circle and numbers. Anyway, Happy New Year!!

My Favorite Christmas Present

My new Louis Vuitton change purse. Adorable! Just one thing...it says "made in China". Darn. It's fake!