An Accidental Knock-Off

You may remember this console I bought at Salvation Army on my birthday....

I had already planned to paint it black when I saw this picture in the Ballard Design catalog.

The price tag? $499.00. Definitely not doable right now! Or anytime soon for that matter. I am still having some difficulty with sanding. I think I need a palm sander. I do sanding by hand and it is not working.

Here is my version....

 The spots are not on the console. Must be the flash. I used flat paint. I think I should have used a satin. I might do another coat or maybe some type of sealant.
Here you can see I added the hardware which is the original. I just painted with Krylon Brushed Nickel satin. I tried to distress it but it didn't work out quite like I wanted. Still is looks good and the size is perfect for the space I put it in. Mine is a bit smaller than the Ballard one.


  1. Looks wonderful. I use a semi gloss top coat on almost everything I do. I just use fine steel wool on the painted piece and then wipe it down really good and brush on the sealer. I love the look of it. You might also try taking pics without the flash. That's something that blogger has definitely taught me. Nice piece. Hugs, Marty

  2. Your piece looks great. I think yours looks just as good at the expensive one.....even better. :)

  3. Very nice piece! Yes, a palm sander with a vac bag! I need a new one, or should I say one of my own as dh always puts it somewhere different!

  4. Great transformation. Really changed it up very well. Marty is right the satin sealer will give you the sheen you want. Good job!
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