Fall Decorating Outdoors

I saw this gorgeous design on Vignette Designs blog.

After years of decorating outside with cornstalks, bales of hay and pumpkins I wanted to try something different. Mine is still a work in progress but so far it looks like this....

I need a few more pumpkins and are those pears in the inspiration picture? Also I need to pull that week against the house. Didn't see that until now! I like the different look. Boy, pumpkins can get expensive. Especially when you buy 9 or 10!  That's it for now. I will post more pictures later.

Here are a couple more from a different angle.

The bird bath is not crooked....just the photographer! I still think I need a few more pumpkins. The neighbors think I am crazy scooping leaves from the front yard and "placing" them around the pumpkins! It has to be staged just so!


  1. Looks wonderful, did not notice the weed. Have a great week.

  2. beautiful work in progress. Looks like you are having fun. Linda