A Christmas Village

I debated whether to set up my village this year or not. This was something my husband and I collected over the years and set up together so I wasn't sure I wanted to do it by myself. Anyway, my love of decorating won and I set it up last week. Of course, I spent the rest of the day crying but, I got it done!

This is a picture from last year. I forgot to take one this year of the entire village. It looks pretty much the same every year.

This is the first piece we bought. My husband bought it for me for my birthday 20 years ago. I liked it because of the blue roof. My room was blue at the time. It is called Ada's Bed and Breakfast and is part of the New England Village Series by Department 56. As you will see, I mix the series in my display. New England Village, Dickens Village and Christmas in the City. I think they all go well together and most people, unless they are collectors don't know the difference. I did have a collection of Snow Village which has a glossy finish and are a bit larger. Those pieces I had in the kitchen. I decided two set ups was too much so I sold them on ebay a few years ago.

This is one of my favorites.....who am I kidding I like them all! Victoria Station from the Dickens Village Series. I think this was the second piece we bought along with the train, platform and Holiday Travelers.

Old North Church featuring Paul Revere Steeple. This piece is also from the New England Village Series. I think all of the pieces are now retired. I love the iron fence. Our church in town has installed a fence similar to this. It looks fantastic! Here you can see the carolers and the chimney sweep in the background.

These pieces were purchased last probably about 10 years ago. On the right is Beekman House and on the left is Ivy Terrace. These pieces are from the Christmas in the City Series. I imagine that is how the buildings in New York look. I love the old English post box. I know I have my cities mixed up!

This one is my favorite! Hollydales department store. It is modeled after Harrod's. The flags are metal but look like they are blowing in the wind.  In front you see the Holiday Coach taking people to the store or down the street to Victoria Station. The Town Crier is in the background heralding the latest news. I will be joining Marty at a Stroll Thru Life for Tabletop Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh my goodness, your village is just stunning. You do have such lovely pieces and all the accessories are perfect. Beautifully done. Hugs, Marty

  2. This is absolutely wonderful... and I'm So Happy you chose to set it up... Friendly Village is My winter everyday dishes, I just LOVE them. I LOVE how you have them arranged, aren't they SO STUNNING!!!

  3. Oh, what a lovely Christmas village you and your husband have been collecting over the years. What a beautiful tradition. I would love to have such a village in my little home too. I really do love the way you have them displayed on your table top. Gorgeous.

    Holiday Blessings,
    Susan @ CluckleBees

  4. Oh I am so glad that you linked this up to TTT. Your village is just stunning. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  5. Your Christmas Village is magnificent, Lisa. I am so sorry you had to do it all alone but you did a fantastic job. So sorry for the loss of your husband at such a young age. My husband wants to create one so I have been giving him presents of buildings but we don't have enough yet to create something spectacular....Christine

  6. Love your village!! I have 2 of them myself!!

    Debbie @ A Debbie-Dabble Christmas