Goodwill Hunting.....

Not exactly Goodwill. More like Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Store. What a haul I made!

 A grass basket/tote. It will be cute for Easter. Either as a basket with eggs or a plant. The trophy....I don't know. It was only .50 and it came home with me! Snowball faux flower stems. "Mercury glass" jar with lid. It has Q-tips in it now. A paper weight. I took the original picture out and replaced with a map of Paris. A vintage looking Valentine linen.

 The grass basket is a little squished. I have a bowl sitting in it to reshape it.
 This looks vintage and hand made but I don't think it is. The stitches are perfect.
 A glass luncheon tray. It was .80. I wanted it for my night table. I have my perfume I got for Christmas.. Chanel Mademoiselle....I love it!
 And......the                    a Louis the XV inspired chair! At first I thought I would paint and reupholster it but now I rather like it. So this is the way it will stay. For now anyway!
 I paid $60.00 for the chair. When I got home the Ballard Design catalog was waiting for me. I saw a chair very similar for $599. I like mine better!

 I got the pillow at PTO also. I have seen them at Home Goods. I paid $4.00 for mine.

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