Changing the Living Room

I am so tired of my red sofa and yellow walls. The sofa is almost 6 years old and the walls I painted about 4 years ago. I liked it at the time but my taste has changed. I am more transitional than traditional at this point.
If I fluff and play with the cushions it doesn't look too bad.  Most days it looks like this......

I even tried a slip cover. If you want to tuck and tug all the time great. If not it looks like an unmade bed.

So tonight while internet surfing....or as I prefer to call it "what can I buy today" I found this cute, small sofa at of all places.  I really wanted to download the picture. No here is the link. I want something a little more soothing and calm. Of course, now I have to replace all my accessories since they are in the red/burgundy color scheme. Won't that be a shame! Looks like more trips to the thrift stores! The painter is coming next week. I have decided to paint the walls a very neutral color and have the furniture be the focal point. 

Several pieces of furniture will be on Craigslist this week. The sofa, probably or maybe I will just haul it to the curb! Look out Craigslist....

"Hawthorne" the butler dog. We bought him at Bombay and Company oh, about 15 years ago. Time for a change.

The aforementioned red sofa....yuck. Throw pillows included, dog is not!

and perhaps the curio cabinet. I have not decided on that yet. I have no place to store my crystal if I sell the cabinet. 

Anyway that is what I will be up to for the next week or so.

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