Mosaic Monday Golden Gate Bridge

I did not take these pictures...I found them online. I searched for copyrights and didn't find I assume they are free for the taking!! I lived in the bay area for 8 years when I was a child. I always loved all the design and architecture in California. A lot of Spanish influence and of course the weather is fantastic at least not like what we have in the mid-west! I thought the bridge looked like a ladder for a Jack and the bean stalk! I will be joining Mosaic Monday. Have a wonderful Easter Monday!


  1. This is a wonderful, beautiful structure! Got the pleasure of seeing it on a trip with my phi beta lambda organization while in junior college. Long time ago, but seems like yesterday. Great trip, good memories! Thanks!

  2. Great mosaic! Hope you have a wonderful new week!

  3. of favorite places!

    Happy Mosaic Monday!

  4. Thank you for sharing your lovely mosaic with us all. Happy Easter from Vancouver Island. Michelle

  5. I was going to comment that you are a very lucky person to have captured so many clear pictures of the GGB. We were there for a week in 2000 for a convention. The only clear photo we got of the bridge is when we took the boat tour of the bay and as we went under the bridge we got a clear shot with no fog. I have always felt a special connection to the bridge. Before I was born, my father helped build the bridge. It is a beautiful piece of construction. Welcome to the world of blogging.