Christmas Day 2010

Just a few pictures. We had a rather quiet day.

 Mother and her new car. Merry Christmas!!!!

 WOW! Look at all those presents....most of them for my mother.....hmmmm.

 See the beautifully wrapped red ones in the back? Those I wrapped and made bows for.

 The dollhouse Christmas tree. The silver balls are vintage beads I found in grandma P's box of trims. The silver "garland" is a necklace I bought at the thrift store. See the missus Christmas gift on the tree? A string of "pearls"!
 More gifts. A dollhouse, a bottle of Champagne, a teddy bear, a gift from Dior.
Christmas dinner in the dollhouse.
I made the wreaths for the windows. I now have a little tree that is flat in the back!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends!


  1. Your doll house is so cute. And how lucky you are to spend christmas with your mother! They are fun to buy for!

  2. The dollhouse is wonderful. What a fabulous thing. Love your mom's new car. Lucky lady. Hope your Christmas was Blessed. Hugs, Marty